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Anterior Cervical Discectomy Fusion

Suffering from conditions that have caused the intervertebral discs in your cervical spine to become severely damaged can leave you in chronic and debilitating pain. Laser Spine Institute offers a procedure called the anterior cervical discectomy fusion (ACDF) to treat a number of these conditions, and to bring patients the relief that they deserve.

ACDF is utilized in order to treat a number of conditions. These generally include cervical myelomalacia, cervical myelopathy, bulging or herniated discs, spinal stenosis and degenerative disc disease. As the conditions cause damage to the intervertebral discs and surrounding areas, patients may experience chronic pain and symptoms. At Laser Spine Institute it is our goal to assist these patients in regaining their quality of life.

Performed through a small incision in the front of the neck, the surgeon will create a path to the spine by gently moving the surrounding muscles to the side. Once the surgeon has reached the area of the procedure, he will remove the damaged disc. This opens the space between the vertebrae, allowing the surgeon to insert an artificial disc replacement. Once the artificial disc is in place, the patient’s own bone is used to fuse the area with a titanium plate.

Once the ACDF is complete, the surgeon is able to remove the tools and equipment used, allowing the muscles to move back to their natural position. Because there is not tearing or unnecessary cutting of muscles and ligaments, the recovery associated with this procedure is significantly less than that of traditional open neck procedures.

Laser Spine Institute is the leader in minimally invasive surgery with procedures that treat a variety of common conditions including foraminotomy, facet thermal ablation, laminotomy, discectomy, cervical disc replacement, Decompression with Interlaminar Stabilization™ Device, RegenaDISC®, transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion (TLIF), and lateral lumbar interbody fusion (LLIF).