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Frequently Asked Questions

We know the challenges you face in finding relief for your patients with back pain, and we’ve assembled this list of frequently asked questions to help meet your needs.

How do I reach the Office of Physician Relations?

Phone: 1-877-330-0364
Fax: 813-418-4288

What is the easiest, most convenient way to refer a patient?

This website is the most efficient referral pathway for physicians. This secure portal allows you 24-hour access, sending your referral directly to the appropriate department. Refer your patient now.

What if I want to discuss the referral with someone over the phone?

The Physician Relations Team stands ready to provide personalized professional service to you to ensure that collaborating with Laser Spine Institute is a rewarding experience. We invite you to call directly at 1-877-330-0364 to discuss a referral over the phone or ask any questions.

Where are your locations?

Laser Spine Institute has comprehensive surgery centers conveniently located throughout the United States. Locations include: Cleveland, Oklahoma City, Philadelphia, Scottsdale, Arizona, St. Louis, Cincinnati and Tampa, Florida.

How long will my patient have to wait for a first appointment?

We’ve simplified the medical acceptance process to make it easier for you to obtain appointments for your patients. Many of our clinics offer appointment scheduling within days of receiving your referral.

Will my patient’s insurance pay for treatment?

Laser Spine Institute accepts most major insurance plans. We are contracted with several major insurance carriers for coverage of diagnostics, surgery and other treatments. We accept allowable coverage from most other insurance companies and work with them for partial coverage or out-of-network coverage. We are also contracted with Medicare for all of our doctors’ and surgeons’ fees.

Aside from surgical treatment, what other resources are available for my patient?

Laser Spine Institute has built its comprehensive medical facilities to provide integrated services that are coordinated for the patient, including: complete clinical evaluation, state-of-the-art imaging, diagnostic testing, surgery and postoperative assessment. Our first-class Patient Services Department is devoted to customer service, postoperative recovery, overall communication and patient outcomes. The department follows up with your patient to ensure comfort, satisfaction and surgical success. Additionally, Laser Spine Institute’s financial counselors work with patients on insurance coverage, projected out-of-pocket costs and financing.

What is the best way for physicians to stay informed about Laser Spine Institute?

We invite you to join and participate in our physician community or by following us on Twitter.